You can hang a diploma,
but you can’t wear it.

Each ring features a cross to symbolically capture the essence of Lubbock Christian University.  Like the points on a compass, the outer points of the cross represent the different paths and directions pursued by students up on graduation.  The center of the cross symbolizes what reunites graduates:  their shared LCU experience and Christian foundation.  One side of the ring represents the school’s transition from LCC to LCU.  The traditional brick pattern, common to buildings throughout the campus, provides the background.  The ring also displays the University logo, a representation of LCU’s most prominent building, the Christian Development Center and the name CHAPS which celebrates the school’s unique mascot.  The ring is available with either a gold metal top, diamond pave top or blue encrusted stone.

The inside of the ring may be personalized by engraving the recipient’s name or initials, a Bible verse, graduation date, or any other message of significance, up to 18 characters.  The words “Learning, Character, Citizenship” are cast inside every ring.  A special presentation box is included.

Wear the ring and carry its meaning with you.

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A Letter from Sheila Dye: 

From the first view of campus from 19th Street and the anticipation of Move-In, from New Student Orientation and Opening Chapel to the atmosphere of fellowship, the road to graduation begins with these unique Lubbock Christian University memories. 

To quote Dr. Mattox, LCU’s first president: “Any student who could have attended Lubbock Christian College and did not was underprivileged.”  Lubbock Christian University graduates leave the campus representing our best for an honorable future.  They also embody the LCU tradition of graduating men and women who are people of faith, committed to service.

As a constant reminder of their achievements and the University’s rich heritage, we are proud to be able to offer the opportunity to order the Official Lubbock Christian University Ring.

Our ring is reserved exclusively for alumni and students who have completed at least 60 credit hours.  Sponsored by the LCU Alumni Connection and designed by a group of students, alumni faculty and staff, the ring will remain unchanged—a tangible connection to past, present and future.

Those able to wear the ring proudly state, “I graduated from Lubbock Christian University” or “I am a person of faith committed to service—a student and soon-to-be-graduate of Lubbock Christian University.”  For Chaps fans everywhere, it holds a whole world of meaning.

We hope you will join us in the LCU Ring Tradition.

In Him and Forever Blue, 

Sheila (Ludwig) Dye (’80)
Director of Alumni Relations

Lubbock Christian University Office of Alumni Relations

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